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1.   Adopt a cautious approach during high volatility

written by R K Mohapatra October 24, 2018 at 09:9
Nifty 50 has tumbled nearly 12 percent from its all-time high of 11,760 levels and become the worst performing equity market globally due to various underlying problems such as devaluation of the Indian rupee in terms of the US dollar, widening trade deficit, rising of crude oil price, a slowdown in credit flow through NBFCs have also emerged as risks of economic growth in the near term. Meanwhile, the recent default on bond payment by IL&FS is a cause of concern in the debt market as well as the equity market.

2. Low returns, higher charges a cause of concern for Ulips

written by R K Mohapatra August 29, 2018 12:15 AM
A Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (Ulip) is a product offered the dual benefits of insurance and investment under a single integrated plan, which is beneficial for achieving a goal of an individual/family or group of persons. Ulip holder enjoys the benefit of insurance what generally life insurance companies offered in India
3.  Is NPS a right pension scheme?

written by R K Mohapatra August 9, 2018 12:10 AM

Pension plans provide financial security and stability during old age when people don’t have a regular source of income. NPS is a defined contribution scheme, which is a low cost, tax efficient, flexible and easily accessible and portable retirement saving account, under two Tier systems, operate from anywhere in the country ….

4.Is this the right time to analysis your portfolio?

written by R K Mohapatra February 5, 2018 12:10 AM

Like the US market, passive fund has outperformed in India in comparison to other emerging market. Direct investment in equities is riskier as valuation of the market is sky high and a possible correction is awaited. It is the perfect time to take steps to safeguard your hard-earned money against the correction and rewire your portfolios from the small and mid-cap stocks to large cap mutual funds.

Review of the book Retirement Planning by R.K Mohapatra:

Posted by Pranav Shree on JUN 20, 2017

About the Author: R.K Mohapatra is one of the best-known Indian Authors in Personal Finance Planning books for all people. His bestselling book “Investment, Risk & Growth”- A Unique Guide for Investors about investment vehicles enables an idea about the investments. investment products & individual financial goals. It also reflects an investor’s capability in managing their hard earned money, carefully. see more


Financial expert R K Mohapatra, from Ircon International Ltd, recently won the Eminent Author award at the 32nd Dr. S. Radha Krishnan Memorial National Media Network Awards-2016 for his meticulous introduction running in to 252 pages of the bestselling book, “Retirement Planning-A simple guide for individuals”……

News published in leading newspapers Early Times , Jammu Dated 08.10.2016

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Retirement planning is reviewed by the free press journal 23rd Sep 2016 :

The book, “Retirement Planning” is a simple guide for individuals that describes the topic of retirement planning for individuals along with future growth of financial products in India, written by R.K.Mohapatra, from IRCON International Ltd, published by Blue Rose Publishers, New Delhi.

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Mohapatra’s new book is a comprehensive analysis on Retirement Planning By Sr. Journalist Bipin Sharma,

Financial insecurities are an integral part of life! And an imbalance between income and expenditure only aggravates the peace of mind. With the sole objective of suggesting and advising a comprehensive financial plan for the subsequent years of one’s life, ace financial expert RK Mohapatra authored a new book titled “Retirement Planning”. See More

Overwhelming response to RK Mohapatra’s new book on Retirement Planning:

By Sr. Journalist Bipin Sharma,Written by

Financial expert RK Mohapatra launched his new book titled “Retirement Planning” on June 8, 2016 by presenting a copy of the book to Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of State (Independent charge) Culture & Tourism and Civil Aviation. The Minister while lauding the painstaking efforts of the author, emphasized on the relevance of being mentally prepared for the inevitable retirement stage of life so as to efficiently plan the future. See More

‘Investment… Risk and Growth’ getting overwhelming response of investors:

The book titled “Investment…Risk & Growth- a guide for investors about investment vehicles” written by R K Mohapatra from IRCON International Ltd, New Delhi, is getting overwhelming response from the investors.

The Investment Risk & Growth, is Review by THE DAILYEXCELSIOR,The largest Circulated Daily newspaper, Jammu & Kashmir, 26th July 2013:

The book, “Investment Risk & Growth” is a realistic book for personal financial planning and consists of six chapters along with examples to reflect an investor’s perspective on handling his or her hard-earned money carefully through proper investment planning, written by R. K. Mohapatra, from the IRCON International Ltd…